For decades we've thrived as a full-service, sports and entertainment marketing agency, specializing in media relations, special events, digital marketing and strategic branding. As creative and diverse as our clientele, we build bridges between you and your audience that don’t just resonate but endure.

Building relationships between athletes, entertainers, musicians, actors and their audiences since 1998, we have a reputation for providing an unforgettable experience for up-and-comers and household names alike.



Our guiding force is collaboration.


 As an agency whose mission is create community, we start at home: with our team and our clients. We are your partners, your creative team, your premier dynamos. We are devoted to your success.


We're Innovative.

There are two kinds of creatives: adaptive and innovative. Adaptors improve old things and innovators make new things. At Foxx, we’ve got both. Our team’s creative energy and intelligence produce ingenious results.


We’re Loyal.

Relationships are hollow without loyalty and we can’t create brand loyalty without valuing loyalty ourselves. We build trust and dependability with superior ethics and integrity. We’re loyal to our clients and they are loyal to us.


We’re Passionate.

Consistently earning a 97% (or higher) satisfactory rate from our investors, clients, sponsors, and participants makes us unwaveringly proud of what we’ve built and what we do. And we’re not willing to give up that passion: we work hard to offer an unforgettable experience for our clients.





To create memorable experiences, campaigns, initiatives and programs through the integration of marketing, PR, branding, special events and business consultation to produce a lasting and transformative impact on the lives of those we serve and those who come in contact with our organization.



To utilize our sports, entertainment and business assets





We create experiences that make your brand come to life, more enjoyable and meaningful, so U can be positioned for optimum success and focus on what matters – being there!



As part of our never-ending quest to provide our customers with the best service around, we'd love it if you could take a few seconds to let us know about your experience with us. How do you rate your experience? How can we make your experience better?





Our Trust is our currency. Integrity and dependability are our pillars. Together, they are what matters in ALL things – personal & professional.


We CARE about people, FIRST. Then, we “do” business. We believe investing in relationships is our single most valuable commodity.


Balance is the equalizing denominator. Our client and EVERYONE involved in the business at hand MUST be made whole & complete in all that we do.


Triple P

It is our approach to the foundation of EVERY client relationship. It is the crux of our commitment to EVERY client.



Our first job is to PROTECT our client – in all business, all commerce, all truth. At times, it is necessary to protect the client from him or herself based on our professional assessment and expertise.



Secondly, everything that we endeavor with our client must be PROFITABLE. Profitability is more than monetary. It also includes doing the right thing for the right reasons. It all pays off!



Lastly, our client must participate in EVERY aspect of the business at hand. Every aspect includes compensation, equity positioning and more. Our job is to maximize, optimize and monetize to the appropriate extent.