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Foxx Entertainment builds brands. A sports and entertainment marketing agency based in Atlanta, our clients are as diverse as we are – professional athletes, entertainers, musicians, and actors – but in difference is also similarity: our clients are dynamic and enthusiastic. And so are we.

Opening Doors

Uniting communities, generating goodwill, creating engagement, and building relationships – we market your brand through unforgettable events with enduring impact.

Event Marketing


Leveraging Cyberspace

Using the immediacy and convenience of cyberspace to our advantage, our digital marketing strategies create targeted content that doesn’t just capture your audience, but engages it, becoming an integral component of fan culture.

Digital Marketing


Creative Solutions

Together, we create a strategy that builds a brand with promise: consistency and flexibility, loyalty and emotion. Together, we build brands that last and make a powerful impact.

Strategic Branding


While digital marketing is crucial to any brand’s strategy, traditional media still holds power and influence. Drawing on the rock-solid relationships we’ve built over decades--with the media, celebrities and sports figures--we cultivate connections and media coverage to create a meaningful impact for our clients.

Corporate and Internal Communications -

Corporate Social Investment (CSI -

Media Relations and Publicity -




Public Relations


Our Community

Building relationships since 1998

Meet Our Team

Our differences unite in creativity – we collaborate on every client’s marketing strategy and implementation.

Tee Foxx

President & CEO

Melinda Owen


Rob Waters

Video Production

Jeff Matthews

Digital Strategist

Iris Settle

Client Relations & External Affairs

Will Settle

Business Development, Corporate Community Relations

Leigh Calhoun

Staff Coordinator

Econuel Ingram

Integrated Marketing & Partnership Strategist

Keith Hampton

Senior Producer, Personnel Management & Logistics

Reggie Gresham

Integrated Marketing & Partnership Strategist

Derek Woodmore, Sr.

Safety & Protection

Dwayne McKinney

Sales, Activation & Promotions

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